Foundation as a business of gold, silver, nonferrous metal and scrap regeneration
DRUM DRYER(evaporation dryer) successfully localized and developed(first time in the territory)
CONCENTRATOR patented (No. 11266)
Water pollution prevention facility business registered to Ministry of Environment(No. 170)
Air pollution prevention facility business registered to Ministry of Environment(No. 188)
Noise¤ıVibration Prevention facility business registered to Ministry of Envirionment(No. 183)
MVR type vacuum evaporation concentrator successfully developed (Patent No. 073364)
Exhibited to KOEX Environment Industry Exhibition(Hosted by Jungangilbo, sponsored by Ministry of Environment, Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
Established the company-attached Environment Technology R&D Center(Korea Industrial Technology Association No. 941269)
Acquired a special construction license (Water supply & drainage facility construction business No. 94-SEOUL-13-45)
Utility Model of Waste water processing contrator(No. 091346)
Special business of industrial ventilation facility(No.4)
Sewage disposal facility business registered(No.4)
A study on TVR type waste water concentration system(co-developed with KIST: government-funded research project)
Registered as thermal facility manufacturing business, pressure container(No.96-02)
Environment pollution measurement service: water and air(Environment Office, No. 7)
Participated in KOEX International Environment Technology Exhibition(Hosted by Korea Environmental Preservation Association, Managed by Ministry of Environment)
Selected as a promising small & medium business
Selected as an environment technology development(G-7) research firm- Ministry of Environment, NIER
Designated as an excellent technology-competitive business ? SMBA
Designated as an export support business ? Incheon Small & Medium Business Export Support Center
Registered as a trading firm, KITA(No.11672041)
Stir Paddle Air Current dryer for sewage/wastewater processing(Utility Model No.0168722)
Awarded from the Minister of Environment for the contribution to the environment preservation
Sewage sludge processing technology patented (No. 0268592)
Designated as an export promising small and medium business ? Export Support Center, SMBA
Designated as a business specializing in the next generation environment technology(Ministry of Environment)
(Project: Development of Complex Processing System from Unspecified Waste water Mixture for Advanced Disposal)
Prize winner from the Mayor of Incheon Metropolitan City celebrating ¡®World Water Day¡¯
Composite disposition method for waste water of high density (No.0329597)
Acquired ISO 14001
Acquired ISO 9001
INNO-BIZ Certified
Thermal power plant: desulfurization zero-discharge system(first time in the territory) performance secured
Selected as a next generation environment development business(Ministry of Environment)
(Project: Development of Highly pure AG power product for EMI shielding from scraps containing silver
Method of evaporatoring for vacuum evaporator (No. 0449416)
Registered as an industrial¤ıenvironmental facility construction business(GYEONGGI 10-5008)
Acquired a new technology certificate from Ministry of Environment(MOE No.160)
(Technology - Wastewater disposal technology using salt extraction and depressurization evaporation)
[Desulfurization nitrogen reduction facility] acquisition of performance certificate - for the delivery to public institute/office
(SMBA license no. 21-078)
Awarded by the Committee of Environment and Labor, National Assembly(best prize of environment management)
Awarded by the Minister of Environment(best prize of environment technology)
Selected as a production affiliate of Jungbu Power Plant Co.,Ltd
Wastewater treatment system of KUNSAN Thermal Power
Ni, Cu recovery from nonelectro plating process(R&D with KIST)