The company is engaged in environment business with the start of reproducing jewelry from wastewater and waste in 1978, about 30 years ago. At present, we have grown up as a middle standing company in the fields of environment pollution preventive facility, wastewater treatment, jewelry reproduction and environment plant.

The company-attached tech research institute has thus far conducted the next generation research subjects of Ministry of Environment, which have been promoted in a combination of industry-academy-research institute, finally developing one of the most complicate technology, ”°high concentrated wastewater mixture processing technology”± in water treatment field, with which the water could be reused while sludge is completely dried.
In addition, the company has delivered the latest technology of concentration, drying, mixture, extraction and salt manufacture to lots of companies in the field of environment, food, pharmaceutics, fiber and chemical, from which we could secure 20 kinds of patented technology. The wastewater treatment business field undertakes to process 200 metric tonnage and more of highly concentrated wastewater from 1500 nationwide shops to be cleanly and safely treated. Also, by securing the resource recycling technology from electronic scrap, waste catalyst, ash, sludge, x ray film, wastewater from photos and plate solution, using the know-how of jewelry reproduction technology to obtain gold and silver, the company contributes to the preservation of the environment.

Even in the future, SEHWA will do the best to survive the planet suffering from severe environment pollution and make the world a place the nature and human beings coexist in a clean environment by continuing to develop the state-of-the-art technology in the fields of industries.

-Thank you-

Ko Byeong-seok, CEO and Chairperson of SEHWA EnsTech
Ko Dong-gyun, CEO and President